Not enough words.

There are a lot of emotions that have never been christened. Here are a few I need words for.

The emotion for when you think someone did bad to you and you wait for universe to teach them a lesson, but instead you get taught.

The emotion for when you terribly love someone but hate them for not loving you back but you also understand why they wouldn’t.
The emotion for when one of the voices in your head tells you to be happy but the other voice wants to curl up on the floor crying.
The emotion for when your parents are unfair to you because you are their golden child so you would understand.
The emotion for when you want to hold and puff a ciagrette to feel sad victimized but nobody has actually done anything bad to you.
The emotion forwhen you meet old acquaintances and you realize how different you have become since that time.
The emotion for when a stranger locks eyes with you.
The emotion for when you come out of a denial and suddenly your ears open up to new sounds.
The emotion for when you know the world does not care how talented you are. You are the only one who really enjoys your talent.
The emotion for when you got out of the way to plan a surprise for someone but they think it is planned by another person and start hugging them in delight.
I will keep adding more. Feel free to add yours in the comments. I will add to the list.
Anuradha Sharma ©

3 thoughts on “Not enough words.”

  1. When we miss someone terribly and we don’t have any words to tell them at the same time we don’t want to let them know how much love we hold for them in heart … emotion which I feel all the time but can’t express

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